Your Brand Is The Only…

To be competitive, your brand HAS be the only something.

That statement of onliness can be as specific as you want but it needs to exist. “We are the only____ who offers ____ 24/7” or “We are the only ______ who focusses on ____ rather than____.” This statement sets you apart from your competition and gives your customers a reason to rely on you.

So what’s your onliness?

Anyone in your company should be able to tell you what makes your brand different from at least some of the competitors but they need to be able to tell anyone what makes you different from all of them. Here are a few questions to ask to find your onliness.

1. What do your customer’s like most about your brand?

2. What are your competitors known for?

3. What are your competitor’s customers not getting from them that you can offer?

After these three questions you should have a pretty good idea of what your onliness is. Now all you have to do is make sure the world knows about it.

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