Why It Pays To Look Different

We have all come to the realization by now that there are no original products and if they start out that way, it usually doesn’t last long.  So if you are selling, what looks like, virtually the same product how will your customers know to choose you?  This is a problem that most companies will face and it doesn’t just apply to the actual product, it applies to the packaging.

Our suggestions is that if you want to stand out from your competitors then you need to look a little different.  Look at the overall market and find your sweet spot.  Your ideal customer is the one that will choose your product, as long as they can tell it’s the one they want.  If they are looking at five different boxes that all look alike and claim to have the same thing inside, you have a much lesser chance of being picked.

Redesign your packaging/branding to target to that specific audience.   Right now you are battling for a small part of a big market but a big part of a smaller market can be just as good, and if you make the first move it’s yours for the taking.

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Posted on August 23, 2011 in Ad Agency Philadelphia, Advertising agency, Advertising Agency Philadelphia, advertising company, brand building, Positioning

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