What Do I Do With The New Facebook?

Facebook’s recent page update has left the Social Media marketing world in some what of an uproar.  We have been hearing a lot of complaints about the new features and the changes, but where others see a challenge, we see opportunity.

Featured Pictures – You have a whole new space to display whatever you want.  The five featured thumbnails under your headline can be used to display your work, products, or for a more creative design.  The downside is that you can’t fix the order of the photos for a page like you can on a personal profile, but you can still get creative.

Use Facebook as your page or your personal profile – Previously you could only comment as your page on your page.  Now you can move around Facebook and post on other page’s walls, but not on personal profiles.  You can also “Like” other pages as your page which helps to show your support and to connect you with fans of similar interest.

Featured Like Pages – You can select five pages to rotate on your featured “Like” column on the left side of your page.  This is great for promotion and partnership opportunities.

Whether you use these new features for fun, promotion, or display they are there for you to use and take advantage of.  While some people are still at home twiddling their thumbs and complaining about the new Facebook, you will be using it to make progress.

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