Was That A Bad Idea?

There are varying degrees of bad commercials.  Some make you change the channel, some are even bad enough to make you turn off the TV, but the worst ones usually leaving you staring and wondering, “what just happened?”.  We went back and dug up some of the worst ideas we could find.

1. Quiznos Singing Rodents – Instead of inspiring hunger these “spongemonkeys” brought about confusion, fear, and disgust.

Lesson learned: You probably don’t want to advertise food with a creepy rodent.

2. 7up at 7 months – In the 50’s Seven-Up ran a campaign encouraging mothers to give their babies Seven-Up instead of milk or formula.  It suggested that its wholesome ingredients could even be mixed with milk to encourage the baby’s appetite.

Lesson learned: You probably don’t want to invent a nutrition idea to sell your product, especially in this day and age.

3. Whopper Virgins – Burger King travelled to Transylvania, Greenland,and Thailand to find hamburger illiterate people to try their Whopper in a taste test match up with the Big Mac. The problem came when people realized the hunger that existed in some of the areas.  In Thailand 30% of people would not have been able to afford a hamburger in the first place.

Lesson Learned:  When your ad is teetering between compassion and criticism, be compassionate.  Instead of being surprised that the people had never tried a Whopper, they could have fed an entire village and created some great PR.

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