Two Ingredients for Communications that Communicate


Stand out with marketing that’s attractive and distinctive.

On a daily basis, the average consumer is bombarded with over 3,000 advertising and promotional messages. Unfortunately for marketers, the majority of these messages are ignored. People tune out messages that don’t appeal to their wants and needs or offerings they already buy from trusted suppliers. The only way to get your target audience’s attention in a meaningful way is to present communications that are attractive and distinctive.

Attraction: This refers to ensuring that your communications provide your target audience with a value they generally want, need or desire. If they’re not attracted to what you are selling, they won’t consider you when they make a purchase.

Distinction: You also have to communicate the unique value only you or your product/service can offer. Why would they use your company over any of your competitors? If you don’t give them a reason to buy your product, they won’t.

Many ads fall into the trap of communicating one or the other, however your communications need both of these characteristics to be effective.

Using these principles, we recently developed an ad campaign aimed at tattoo artists for Alconox. As critical cleaning experts, Alconox wanted to communicate that they’re cleaning solutions are the best for cleaning tattoo equipment.

The ad we created will attract tattoo artists by offering them the benefit of being able to create great art using the cleanest equipment. The distinction lies in the power of their cleaning products that have been used to sterilize equipment in the healthcare field for over 65 years.

To see some more samples of effective communications we’ve developed for our clients, click here.



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