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Tradeshows and live events are a vital aspect of many companies’ strategic marketing plans, which is why we take pride in being able to prepare our clients for their respective tradeshows and arm them with everything they need to get their products, services and brand noticed.

For a B2B company looking to attract new business and generate interest in their brand, the amount of preparation and strategic planning involved with attending a tradeshow or hosting a live event can’t be overlooked. Showing up to your booth with a flashy slideshow presentation and a stack of business cards or product brochures isn’t going to cut it most of the time, and you’ll end up wasting a prime opportunity to reach out to new clientele and spark interest in your unique products or services.

So what goes into planning for a tradeshow? Well, the first step is to identify the needs of your business going into the show. What are you hoping to get out of this tradeshow? What kinds of things are you hoping prospects learn about your business? What message do you want to communicate to attendees?

After we identify what your goals are and what you hope to achieve during the event we can focus on the elements of your tradeshow presence – to put it literally, what will you be bringing to the table? There is a lot of planning that goes into designing your booth experience and your company’s overall exhibit. As they always say, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and at a large tradeshow with hundreds of similar businesses competing for the attention of attendees, it’s important that your booth captures the eyes and ears of prospects and leaves a lasting impression on them.

Next, think about the product or service that you want to highlight at this event. Is it a new offering or a relatively well-known one that you wish to bring to a larger audience? This will dictate how you’ll go about presenting this product or service at the show and how you showcase your offerings at your booth. If your product is a tangible one and one that can be easily displayed at the show, bringing along samples and having a product demonstration is a great way to attract interest. But if your product or service is something that you can’t bring with you to the show, then a strategy needs to be developed on how to communicate your product’s benefits to attendees, whether it’s through literature that is handed out at your booth, interactive demonstrations, or through some other means.

A popular tactic for attracting attention at a tradeshow is by giving something to attendees when they visit your booth or inquire about your company or your product. It’s no secret that people love free things, so having some kind of merchandise to give away, branded with your company’s logo or information about your product line, is an invaluable way of leaving prospects with something that will remind them of your brand, whether it’s later that night after the show, or even months down the road. The more creative you get with your giveaway item, the better it will work in your favor. If you can tie it into your brand’s overarching message or relate it to the product or service you’re promoting, it’s likely to have an even larger impact.

One of the things we excel at here at Timmons&Company is making sure that our clients are prepared for anything and everything. Whether they’re preparing to roll out a new marketing campaign, rebranding or attempting to reach a new audience of potential customers, we work hard to equip our clients, both creatively and strategically, for whatever challenges they may face.

A recent example of Timmons&Company providing tradeshow guidance for a client involved assisting a leader in the field of industrial and commercial concrete repair, to prepare for an upcoming tradeshow. In this particular instance, the client needed our assistance with effectively promoting their new brand in the short amount of time leading up to the event.

On short notice, we were able to prepare a series of options for banners and pop-up booth displays for the client to draw attention to their booth and to raise awareness of their new brand. We also created a two-sided postcard/takeaway piece for the client to hand out to tradeshow attendees that highlighted the client’s unique services and touted their expertise and experience.

When preparing for a tradeshow, it’s important to plan for all aspects of the event, including all of the communications and messaging leading up to the event, as well as promoting your attendance at the tradeshow. Your company’s tradeshow presence doesn’t only begin when you arrive at the convention hall and set up your booth on Day 1 of the event – it begins weeks, maybe even months before the event.

Another Timmons&Company client in the healthcare industry was preparing for a recent tradeshow and sought out our help in creating a series of email marketing campaigns focused on their company’s attendance at an upcoming tradeshow and publicizing the event to maximize their exposure at the show and increase traffic to their booth, as well as drawing interest from prospects and generating new leads.

Planning for a tradeshow is like most other marketing efforts, in that it’s important to assess your needs and your goals before you begin drawing up the blueprints. For each tradeshow, in each industry that we work in, there are going to be different needs that will have to be addressed, depending on the type of event. Having a full understanding of what goals need to be met, and how best to do that under the given circumstances, is the key to having an impactful tradeshow presence.

There are a long list of different moving parts that must come together when planning for a tradeshow or other industry event, and Timmons&Company is well-equipped to handle every aspect of it, from pre-show communications and automated email campaigns, to designing and creating pop-up displays and banners.

For example, we were able to design and produce booth displays and product collateral for two of our clients in vastly different industries – the security and crime risk assessment industry and the industrial and commercial packaging industry. Although both companies deal with very different client bases and offer products and services that appeal to specific needs, we were able to create a fully encompassing tradeshow experience for both, by designing and creating brochures, signs, banners and other materials that told a complete story about the product and the brand and appealed to attendees on a personal level.

Whatever you wish to accomplish at your next tradeshow, whether it’s increased lead cultivation, brand exposure, tapping into new markets or regions or all of the above, Timmons&Company is fully equipped to handle all of your tradeshow planning and preparation. We will work with you to assess the needs of your business and develop and unique and effective strategy for you to overcome any obstacles before, during and after the event.  

To learn more about how Timmons&Company can help your business plan and prepare for your next tradeshow, visit our website or email Bob Kent at You can also keep up with our weekly blogs and other social media posts by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter or visiting our LinkedIn page.

Still interested in learning more about tradeshow marketing? Click the image below to download an informative Trade Show Marketing PDF.




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