The Only Three Things Your Customers Care About

How much information are you pushing to your customers? Is it easy for them to sort through? Are they getting the message you really need them to get? In most cases, the answers are “too much,” “No,” and “No”. Most marketing messages get diluted through an attempt to become more appealing. Your marketing efforts can make you the most attractive_______ (fill in the blank) in the world but it doesn’t matter if your customers don’t care. They’re really only interested in three things:

Who You Are, What You Do and Why It Matters

Your customers care about who you are because they are taking the time to develop a relationship with you. They are choosing you over all of your competitors and no one likes to give money to a stranger.

Think about one of the first questions you ask someone after you meet them, “What do you do?” Your customers need to know if they’re going to be interested in you before you even try to offer it to them. Time is valuable and a customer looking for a new pair of shoes doesn’t want to spend a lot of time talking to someone selling gloves.

Why it matters is the most important message you can get to your customers. This is what actually helps the customer make the final decision to buy from you. This is the part of the message where you point out the customer’s need and why you’re the best solution.

Are you making all three of these things clear to your customers?

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