The 3.5 Building Blocks Of An Irreplaceable Brand

You don’t need much to build a brand…

Building a brand that matters is something entirely different. Just making a product and putting it out there isn’t nearly enough. Great brands are irreplaceable to the customer and it takes several things to make that happen.

1. A Good Name

Your name can make or break your brand. It needs to be easy to say and memorable to your potential customers, especially when you’re starting from scratch.  Your name needs to trigger the right emotions and/or the right ideas and images without needing a visual aide.

2. Visual Trust

Your brand needs to look exactly like what it is. That means that if you’re a 100% juice drink, you shouldn’t look like an energy drink. If you’re a cookie, you shouldn’t look like a cracker. Everything about your visual presence needs to tell the customer who you are, what you do, and why it matters to them.

3. A Uniqueness

You are going to have competitors no matter how new or innovative your business is. There has to be something that makes your brand different from the competitors and it has to be significant enough to sway your customers to choose you.

3.5 Be Consistent

Your message needs to be consistent with everything you say and do. People should be able to look at any piece of marketing or branding you put out and know that it’s you without having to think about it. When people read a message from you they should be able to tell that it’s your brand without seeing the logo. Your customers should never have to question whether or not it’s really you and if you’re consistent that won’t be a problem.



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