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Two Ingredients for Communications that Communicate

  Stand out with marketing that’s attractive and distinctive. On a daily basis, the average consumer is bombarded with over 3,000 advertising and promotional messages. Unfortunately for marketers, the majority of these messages are ignored. People tune out messages that don’t appeal to their wants and needs or offerings they already buy from trusted suppliers.…

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Is Your Brand Suffering From a Lack of Differentiation?

Keane Stands Out with              Refreshed Brand The Keane Organization, Inc. provides corporate compliance and enterprise risk management solutions to the world’s most successful companies. While their services were second to none, their brand messaging was failing to differentiate them in the marketplace. Timmons&Company was hired to refresh their brand with messaging and a visual identity…

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Youtube Tips For Any Business

You can’t ignore it any longer… yes we’re talking about Youtube! That’s right it’s the dreaded confrontation between you and video content. EVERYONE is using Youtube and yes that means your customers. If you’re like any other business out there, you can’t afford to miss out on any opportunities. That’s why we put together this…

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The Twitter Champions of 2011 [Infographic]

We found a recent post from Mashable that takes a look at the brands that really took advantage of Twitter in 2011. At this point Twitter has proved to be a lasting social network and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. With a recent spike in successful advertising Twitter has businesses and users…

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Google’s April Fools Joke

The Google team’s April Fools joke struck gold this year.  With over five and a half million views since Friday, Google continues to build its brand loyalty and awareness.  The idea behind this success is simple, interact with your customers, fans, and users.  This is another example of why you should ask Why Not? instead…

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