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VP of Strategic Planning, Neil Samuels

Timmons&Company VP of Strategic Planning, Neil Samuels, discusses the thinking behind three taglines and how they support a brand story.

Timmons&Company Founder, Rich Timmons

Timmons&Company Founder, Rich Timmons, relates the story behind the firm’s reputation as “The Marketing SWAT Team.”

Maximize Your Marketing With Differentiation

Get better ROI by building your brand around what you do better than your competitors. Many companies make the mistake of failing to differentiate their product from their competitors. If you’re not communicating what you do best, your target audience will have no reason to choose your offering. If you don’t give them a clear…

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Happy Birthday Twitter!

What better way to celebrate this social network’s 6th birthday than to showcase it’s 6 best ads. Twitter isn’t known for being the most creative or groundbreaking when it comes to their ads but their loyal following made sure to give every spot the detention they thought it deserved. 1. My Mom’s On Twitter! 2.…

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Psychology And Advertising

This video was put together with a vintage feel but it has good information about the psychology that mosts advertisers leverage when planning their campaigns. This is good insight for anyone in business but also for the consumer. Let us know what you think in the comment box below. Don’t forget to connect with us…

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