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Timmons&Company Founder, Rich Timmons

Timmons&Company Founder, Rich Timmons, relates the story behind the firm’s reputation as “The Marketing SWAT Team.”

Can Ads Make You Feel Good?

It seems like most of the world has forgotten about this great advertising approach, leave people with a good feeling.  Coca-cola has succeeded int his approach time and time again, and the story is no different with their new ad. httpv://

What Do I Do With The New Facebook?

Facebook’s recent page update has left the Social Media marketing world in some what of an uproar.  We have been hearing a lot of complaints about the new features and the changes, but where others see a challenge, we see opportunity. Featured Pictures – You have a whole new space to display whatever you want.…

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Was That A Bad Idea?

There are varying degrees of bad commercials.  Some make you change the channel, some are even bad enough to make you turn off the TV, but the worst ones usually leaving you staring and wondering, “what just happened?”.  We went back and dug up some of the worst ideas we could find. 1. Quiznos Singing…

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How Do I Find The Influencers?

What is an influencer? An influencer is someone who is considered an expert when it comes to everything related to your market.  Most of your potential customers look to the influencer for advice on what products to buy. Why do I need the influencer? It is extremely important to win over the influencer or influencers…

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