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Marketing By the Numbers in 2014

The past year was a big one in the world of marketing and social media, as increased innovation in the way marketers communicate with all types of audiences signal a continuing paradigm shift. However, when it comes to really understanding how marketing has evolved in 2014, and will continue to evolve as we embark on…

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Email Opens

Email marketing campaigns are always tricky because, in reality, there are actually two forms of marketing going on. One form of marketing takes place in the actual copy of the email itself, where an impactful message and an effective call-to-action can hopefully drive your readers to take some action of their own and inquire further.…

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What Your Business Needs: Effective Email Marketing

The tides of B2B content marketing are shifting and recent studies have shown that email marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways for sales forces to reach their customer base and generate higher rates of conversion from their leads. Why is that? It’s because email marketing allows a company’s sales force to…

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