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5 Tradeshow Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

The rich and complex world of tradeshows is one that takes some patience, a lot of strategy, and an even larger amount of experience to be able to navigate successfully. The only way to really fine-tune your company’s tradeshow presence is to attend as many as you can, gaining more exposure for your brand in…

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3 Tests for Your Creative Communications

Would your creative pass Caples’ scientific standards? John Caples was one the greatest copywriters of all time. He wrote copy that delivered high response rates by studying why successful ads worked and unsuccessful ads failed. His scientific approach and methodical testing of creative revolutionized the advertising world and is still used as a standard today.…

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Fallen Angels In Augmented Reality

Axe/Unilever’s “Where Fallen Angels Appear” In early March 2011, the Unilever-owned brand Lynx (known as Axe in the U.S.) put signs in a London railway station telling users to look up at a giant screen. When tey did, they saw themselves being approached by the angels from the brand’s ads. Read More. Check out this video…

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Eye Catching Outdoor Ads

Outdoor advertising fills our roads will a lot of bad designs and bad ideas.  Billboards get a bad reputation for being annoying, overbearing, and sometimes just ugly, but we found some creative and eye catching designs that anyone can appreciate. Click Here for more. Timmons&Company is a well-trained, fast-moving, strategically-oriented group of creative marketing professionals.…

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Ideas vs Concepts

Bringing back an popular commercial with a creative twist.  Some would argue that this is not an original idea since they already used the concept in a previous campaign.  People tend to forget or ignore the difference between an idea and a concept. Ideas really come down to execution.  The different elements in a great…

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