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5 Things to Keep Off Your Website

In B2B marketing, your website is one of the best tools your company can have at its disposal when it comes to generating leads and sparking interest in your business. However, your website can also backfire and be a disadvantage to you if you make some of the more common mistakes which befall companies that…

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Is Your Brand Suffering From a Lack of Differentiation?

Keane Stands Out with              Refreshed Brand The Keane Organization, Inc. provides corporate compliance and enterprise risk management solutions to the world’s most successful companies. While their services were second to none, their brand messaging was failing to differentiate them in the marketplace. Timmons&Company was hired to refresh their brand with messaging and a visual identity…

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Brand Building: Consistency

Projecting a consistent tone & message will make your brand memorable. One of the most important fundamentals of building a successful brand is keeping your communications consistent. By constantly delivering a single, focused message across all marketing channels, you increase your target audience’s awareness and confidence in your brand. Businesses that deliver mixed messages within…

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Brand Building: QR Codes

QR Codes let your target audience connect directly with your printed marketing materials. By adding Quick Response (QR) codes to your printed marketing materials, you give people a way to directly connect with your company. By scanning one of these codes with the QR code reader app on their Smartphone, users can be directly connected…

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Tips for a Good Advertisement Campaign

Successful advetisement campaign The primary goal of advertisements is to reach out to a huge audience in a cost-effective and timely manner. Here are a few tips that will help you to boost your advertising campaign: Focus on your target audience – An advertising campaign should focus on a niche market rather than putting across…

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