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VP of Strategic Planning, Neil Samuels

Timmons&Company VP of Strategic Planning, Neil Samuels, discusses the thinking behind three taglines and how they support a brand story.

Timmons&Company Founder, Rich Timmons

Timmons&Company Founder, Rich Timmons, relates the story behind the firm’s reputation as “The Marketing SWAT Team.”

Timmons&Company President, Bob Kent

Timmons&Company President, Bob Kent, explains how his engineering background informs the ethos of the marketing firm.

Two Ingredients for Communications that Communicate

  Stand out with marketing that’s attractive and distinctive. On a daily basis, the average consumer is bombarded with over 3,000 advertising and promotional messages. Unfortunately for marketers, the majority of these messages are ignored. People tune out messages that don’t appeal to their wants and needs or offerings they already buy from trusted suppliers.…

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The Path To Building Online Trust

This is much easier to explain with a visual aid.  You can see how you start with truth and end with trust.  Too many companies are treating their online presence like they treat their traditional media marketing.  Even after the message has been preached, and even shouted from the mountaintops, by leaders like Guy Kawasaki…

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