So You’re Not Using Youtube…

It has already been established that video is king in the social world and if that’s the case, than you can consider Youtube the emperor. This video giant has been boasting about its girth since the beginning. Now they have a new milestone to promote, one hour of video is now being uploaded to YouTube every second. To celebrate they created lots of fun animation and loaded it up at, where they visualize the relationship between real time and Youtube time.


 In a blog post, YouTube also offers some viewing data: “For all the hours of video you’re uploading—you’re watching more as well; we’ve now exceeded 4 billion video views globally every day. That’s up 25 percent in the last eight months and the equivalent of more than half the world’s population watching a video every day, the same number as there are U.S. $1 bills in circulation, the same as the number of years since there was water on Mars. … It’s a big number, and you’re making it bigger every day.”

The question then becomes, “Why aren’t you using Youtube?”

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