So What’s So Pinteresting?

In case you missed it. Pinterest is the new visual social network that has taken the world by storm. User’s pin up their favorite images and videos from all over the internet or their own personal collection to share with the world. Other users then have the ability to Repin or Like any of the things that have pinned to your boards.

Why is it so popular?

Pinterest is the first social network that really lets you SHOW people how you think, what you love and how unique you are instead of just telling them. Sure, you can share pictures on Facebook and Twitter but both of those networks are based on written communication, while Pinterest takes advantage of the classic adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Why is it so successful?

There are several things that this startup did perfectly to ensure their current level of success. The initially leveraged the buzz building “exclusivity” by making people request an invite and them making them wait. This worked perfectly in building the excitement. They also created a button that stays at the top of your browser all the time that makes it near impossible to forget about the social site. Now, every time someone sees an image they like anywhere on the internet they just have to push the “Pin It” button on their bookmark bar and they’re good to go.

Pinterest was also smart in integrating the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to help users make the pining process even more social.

Can brands use it?

DEFINITELY! Pinterest has become one of the top sources for driving traffic across the internet. Brands should be pinning their own photos and products like crazy. Before you go too pin crazy, consider these three tips for your business.

1. Be Pinteresting – Don’t just pin up your products and call it a day. Create different boards to show different interests that your brand has. This is your chance to add some depth to your brand so do it!

2. Pin Eye Candy – People on Pinterest are scanning through hundreds or thousands of photos in short amounts of time so put some photos up that will bring the eyes to you.

3. Write a good description – Write out a thoughtful explanation of what you pinned and why it matters. Use some key words in the description that your potential customers might be searching for, but don’t do it in a cheesy way.

Are you on Pinterest? Share your thoughts in the comment box below or on Facebook and Twitter.

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