Maximize Your Marketing With Differentiation

Get better ROI by building your brand around what you do better than your competitors.

Many companies make the mistake of failing to differentiate their product from their competitors. If you’re not communicating what you do best, your target audience will have no reason to choose your offering. If you don’t give them a clear reason to choose your offering, they’ll choose an offering that does. And if they think your offering is of the same value and quality as all others in your category, they’ll simply pick the cheapest one.

To maximize the effectiveness of your communications, you need to discover your offering’s distinguishable characteristic that causes it to eclipse other available alternatives. Then you need to build your brand, marketing and all other communications around this point of difference.

Here are three steps to stand out in the marketplace:

  1. Discover – Conduct an objective analysis of your product’s benefits. Determine which unique aspects of your product address genuine market interests, opportunities or needs.
  2. Develop – Craft all your communications toward achieving awareness of the unique benefit consumers only get when they use your product.
  3. Reinforce – Deliver on this benefit every time consumers come into contact with your name, product, staff or marketing.

Using these principles, we recently developed a campaign for Fres-co®, a packaging supplier. One of the main things that separates Fres-co from their competitors is their single source approach to packaging – giving manufacturers the cost-savings and convenience benefits of getting all their packaging needs from one company.

Recognizing the growing opportunities in the single serve coffee market, we developed this ad to reinforce Fres-co’s value – giving coffee manufacturers a very good reason to choose Fres-co.

To see some more samples of distinctive communications we’ve developed for our clients, click here.

Posted on March 29, 2012 in Differentiation, Marketing, Timmons&Company

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