How Do I Find The Influencers?

What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who is considered an expert when it comes to everything related to your market.  Most of your potential customers look to the influencer for advice on what products to buy.

Why do I need the influencer?

It is extremely important to win over the influencer or influencers for several reasons.  They will help drive your word-of-mouth campaign on and off of Social Media.  They will also help build brand loyalty and trust for you among existing and potential customers.  In all reality the influencer can be your best salesperson.

How do I find the influencer?

The influencer is ideally the same as the buyer.  Use the research you have to get an idea of who you are looking for.  You want to be keeping an eye on the all of the recent content that is being published that is relevant to your product.  You should be watching across Social Media, the internet, and even in print to identify who is writing the most popular articles and blogs related to your market.

Once you start finding the influencers you want to target, start interacting with them.  You can do this through on all Social Media channels by linking to them, re-tweeting, @ tagging, etc.  Interacting with the influencers will not only put you on their radar, but build trust with them as well.

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