How Can You Market Your Brand Better?

How are you marketing your brand?  The better question is “How aren’t you marketing your brand?”.  Are your customers eating, sleeping, driving, dreaming, and thinking your brand?  If you are unsure about this then these tips will be useful to you.

Vehicle Branding – Think of it as a moving billboard for you brand.  Anytime your vehicle is on the road you are increasing frequency and exposure.  Add your social media in to the mix and people won’t forget.

Brand Everything – You should have everything from your e-mail signature to your letter head branded with your logo and your contact information.  Your customers should have your number in twenty different places to make sure they can contact you when they need you.

List As Freelance – You can never be too many places when it comes to online.  There is plenty of potential business out there and this is a great way to help that business find you.

Be Findable – Optimize your website so that people who are looking for you can find you.  It may take a little bit of hard work and elbow grease but when the search engines find you, more potential customers will find you.

Use Social Media Right – Social Media is not your companies personal billboard.  Use your social media channels to interact with your customers and to give them something valuable.  Whether it is a discount or useful information, make sure they see value in having that relationship with your brand.

Social media opens up several other doors for marketing your brand.  For this sake of this post we will leave you with those big ideas.  They all require different amounts of investment whether it is time, money, or manpower but they all pay off.

If you need help developing a winning strategy for your brand let the creative SWAT team at Timmons&Company work for you.



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