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Basics Of Product Launching

A huge amount of literature is available about new product development processes, but there are hardly any studies on actual launching process of any product. Each company develops its own unique product launch plan and a launch tag that is both informative and catchy. Let’s take a look at the key points in any product…

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Smooth Ride For Your Customers Post-Purchase

If you are more than satisfied with the way people have been itching to buy your products, then it would do some more good to your business, to give them loyalty over time. In fact, over the years this has become a very important marketing strategy. A very simple way to stave off any buyers’…

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Some More Tips For A Successful Marketing Strategy

Any amount of study in the field of marketing techniques will reveal more and more information. People are always looking for newer marketing strategies but the trick involved most strategies is always the same. Here are a few more tips to successful social media marketing. Awareness: Communication and outreach tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube…

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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

People are still skeptical about the pay per click (PPC) medium of advertising. This is mainly because this concept is new and most people are still getting used to it. If this method is implemented in a proper way, it can turn out to be extremely lucrative in generating more sales, establishing the company’s online…

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Issues That Spook Your Customers

If you want your customers to be loyal to your company, then you must avoid the issues that may alienate your customers. Here they are – The Classic Zombie Response Know that the issues your customers face are unique and so the problems do not need straight-jacketed response. Dealing with the problems individually by giving…

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