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Printing Techniques: Know The Entire Lot

Employing an established and efficient printing house would be the best way any business house would like to go about all the printing work involved in branding their products. However, not all are lucky enough to strike a decent deal with most of the established printing houses in the market these days. So, before you…

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A General Knowhow Of Real Simple Syndication

The quickest and the most efficient way to make your articles reach your readers on a regular basis is the entire theory running behind Real Simple Syndication or RSS feeds.We are all familiar with the term RSS feeds. How much do we know about its working? RSS is maintained by using a code known as…

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Tips For Succesful E-mail Marketing

The entire concept of e-mail marketing has been extensively used by business houses. It is not very difficult to endorse e-mail marketing in your branding techniques as the criteria you are required to meet for generating positively convincing¬† e-mails is not so difficult. Following a few key points you can generate the best chain of…

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Basics Of Viral Marketing

When it was first revealed that viruses also can be used for marketing and that not all viruses were deadly, people were taken aback. But today, thanks to Microsoft’s initiative, viral marketing is a common trend. Viral marketing usually refers to the propagation of a brand’s identity through a series of e-mails or through social…

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Statement Inserts Are Effective Advertising Tools

All businesses houses and companies send statement inserts to their customers. Regular customer statement reports (CSR) can be very useful as advertisement tools. There has been the practice of sending direct promotional mails to customers, but the expenses incurred in this process is not a negligible number. When compared to direct mailing packages statement inserts…

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