Basics Of Viral Marketing

When it was first revealed that viruses also can be used for marketing and that not all viruses were deadly, people were taken aback. But today, thanks to Microsoft’s initiative, viral marketing is a common trend.

Viral marketing usually refers to the propagation of a brand’s identity through a series of e-mails or through social networking sites. Basically, the most prominent modes of viral marketing in use today are listed below:

  • Propagation by intent: This basically has small messages like chain of e-mails or funny clips and jokes that prompt people to forward them to their friends because the quality of the joke or mail is not to be missed.
  • Propagation for money: Involves getting referrals that indirectly results in branding of the company and also gets you a fixed amount for every referral. Examples include online lotteries, contests and many more.
  • Gossip marketing: The most popular form that rotates around lives of stars and public figures in order to popularize certain products that they endorse.
  • User managed marketing: The best example is that of friend finding sites wherein users are given full freedom to manage and invite their buddies. The owner of the websites make money at no hard work at all.

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