B2B Digital Marketing: Diverse Channels, Valuable Content

How taking a multi-channel digital approach to your content marketing efforts can deliver measurable marketing effectiveness and visible ROI.

With today’s tightened marketing budgets and growing emphasis on quantifiable results, companies are increasingly looking for marketing strategies that deliver measureable ROI. Direct Marketing News reports, “Marketers are asking agencies to create marketing platforms that address strategic goals, rather than simply designing campaigns.” Digital mediums enable clients to operate effectively within their budgets while delivering real results that are actionable, quantifiable, and help to create and foster customer relationships.

Don’t sell, start a conversation

Christa Carone, CMO of Xerox Corporation says what’s needed is, “a cross-media approach to more relevant and customized programs that are less about selling to customers and more about engaging them to start the sales cycle.” By using different digital channels and mediums, you can create multiple points of contact with customers to begin the sales process, gauge customer interest/lead quality and develop new relationships.

Guide them to conversion

Well-planned digital strategies seamlessly lead customer from awareness to conversion. While traditional marketing sometimes starts and stops with brand awareness, the wide range of digital channels allows companies to continue the process and help generate, cultivate and qualify leads – delivering conversion-ready customers directly to their sales force’s doorstep.

In B2B, content is king

Direct Marketing News reports, “Creating buzz and building engagement in the B2C world takes many forms. In B2B, one approach tends to trump all others when it comes to spurring interaction and word of mouth among customers and prospects: content marketing.” Giving your audience original, valuable content that’s interesting and relevant opens the door to a relationship while simultaneously positions you as the authority on the that subject matter.

Creativity still counts

While many companies are less likely to spend millions for “Mad Men” era awareness campaigns, they’re still looking for creativity in their digital communications that cut through the clutter and are innovative and appealing to their industry.

Maximize your channels

The key to maximizing your spend is spreading your communications out through a diverse range of channels. Mike Volpe, CMO at marketing software provider HubSpot says, “B2B companies also need bold creativity, collaboration and cross-channel integration.  A customer doesn’t see them as different channels, they just want to have a relationship with you. They want you to know that you’ve sent an email if they call you on the phone.”

Analyze data and adjust

Perhaps more than any other medium, digital channels enable companies to track their initiatives’ effectiveness, analyze the results and take action. Smart digital marketers are constantly evaluating their results, doubling down on channels that work and cutting channels that don’t deliver – with effective measurement being the key to success.

Maria Poveromo, senior director of PR and social media at Adobe says, “If you don’t measure your efforts, you can’t prove your impact,” Poveromo says. “If you can’t do that, you may not have the resources and means to delight and engage your audience. But if you do measure, you could trigger a virtuous cycle whereby engagement leads to business value, which in turn leads to increased investment, which leads to better content and more engagement and so on.”

Firsthand Success

EIC Solutions is a leading global provider of thermoelectric cooling solutions for military and industrial applications. When they wanted a campaign designed to increase brand awareness and generate higher-quality leads, we employed a multi-channel digital strategy, and the results speak for themselves:

In the period from January to April 2012, EIC’s website visits rose by 40%, requests for quotes rose by 20% and orders rose by 15%.

To learn more about how an effective digital strategy could help improve your marketing’s effectiveness, contact Bob Kent at bk@timmonsandcompany.com




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