5 Ways to Maximize Your Email Opens

Email marketing campaigns are always tricky because, in reality, there are actually two forms of marketing going on. One form of marketing takes place in the actual copy of the email itself, where an impactful message and an effective call-to-action can hopefully drive your readers to take some action of their own and inquire further. But before we even get to that, the first kind of marketing involves just getting the recipient to open up the email to begin with, which requires some form of creativity in the subject line and a carefully groomed contact list that optimizes your audience, making sure the right people are receiving the email. Here are five things you can do to make sure your emails are being opened:

  1. Personalize your emails.

    One of the best ways to engage with your audience is to personalize your email marketing campaigns to appeal to specific interests. There are a number of methods available that will allow you to tailor your email marketing content to include relevant information based primarily on your recipient’s past behavior, such as including images and click-through actions that target users based on their purchase history. Your targeted audience is much more likely to open an email that they feel was sent specifically with their interests in mind.

  2. Use an effective subject line.

    Before a person opens an email, the first opportunity that you have to hook them and reel them into taking action, is the subject line. Many email marketers tend to forget just how important the subject line is when it comes to maximizing your email opens, but when a person is scrolling through their inbox, the subject line is going to be what jumps out and makes them want to click and read more. Make sure your subject lines sell and that you’re able to establish a connection with your audience that you can build on.

  3. Segment your market and build a relationship.

    Of course, when it comes to maximizing your email opens and getting the most out of your email marketing efforts, it helps to make sure that your emails are reaching the appropriate audience. One way to ensure this is by segmenting your market. Instead of sending one email to your entire contact list, divide your audience into multiple segments and make sure that the correct message reaches the correct audience. Create these segments by building relationships with your contacts and creating an environment of personalization that will lead your contacts to want to engage with your brand.

  4. Get your timing right.

    When you send your emails are just as important as what you send. Sending emails during the early afternoon on a weekday is likely to get your message lost in the wave of emails that flood inboxes during these peak hours. Research has found that email open rates increase significantly between the hours of 8 pm and midnight, and that marketers experience higher open rates on weekends than during the week.

  5. Employ A/B testing.

    Subject lines are crucial to getting your emails opened and seen by your targeted audience, but how do you know which subject lines will be most effective? By employing A/B subject line testing, you can create different subject lines for your emails and then use analytics to monitor which ones are performing the best and generating the highest open rates. This information can be used to influence future campaigns and to help you strengthen your message and optimize your email marketing efforts.

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