5 Things to Remember When Planning Your 2015 Content Marketing Strategy

With 2015 right around the corner, there’s no better time than the present to start planning next year’s content marketing strategy. When it comes to any kind of B2B marketing strategy, knowing your moves well in advance will always put you in a position of advantage. This is especially true for content marketing, as it takes a carefully planned and expertly executed strategy to really reap the rewards of an effective content marketing campaign. Here are five things to remember when planning your 2015 content marketing strategy.

  1. Plan, plan, and plan some more.

    Building an effective content marketing plan takes a lot of careful planning because each piece of content contributes something unique to the discussion. Diving headfirst into a new content marketing campaign without a clear-cut plan will leave you scrambling for content and feeling around in the dark without a sense of direction. You wouldn’t set out on a hike in the middle of a dense forest without a map or a compass, right? Of course not, so why would you take on the responsibility of launching a content marketing campaign without knowing how you plan to execute it at every turn?

  2. Quality beats quantity.

    Your audience is smart – so treat them accordingly and don’t try to insult their intelligence by spamming them with large volumes of content that offer nothing of value. When it comes to developing a content marketing strategy, the real goal is to provide meaningful content and valuable insights to your readers that they can’t get elsewhere – the goal isn’t to shout taglines and sales messages incessantly until they block you out. If you offer your audience valuable content, they’ll trust you, and once you have earned their trust, more doors will open.

  3. Find the story and tell it.

    In any kind of marketing, whether it’s B2B or B2C, the best kind of story is the one told by the customer. Customer testimonials, case studies and other similar forms of customer endorsements, are usually the most powerful message you can generate from a marketing standpoint. So whenever possible, make sure that you allow their story to be told. Giving your most satisfied customers a chance to tell their story, will give your prospects a chance to see how your business can help them as well, and that kind of instant credibility is extremely valuable.

  4. Attack from multiple angles.

    With so many different options when it comes to creating content, it can be hard to figure out exactly which avenue you should focus on navigating first. Should you pour more effort into your blog, or perhaps your social media accounts? How about white papers, articles, infographics or podcasts? Bottom line is, there are plenty of different avenues for you to explore with your content marketing, and it would be counterproductive to just stick to one or two. Broaden your attack and vary your content to achieve the best results from your content marketing.

  5. React and adapt.

    The ability to adapt and adjust your content marketing strategy on the fly is a necessary part of running an effective campaign. This means that you should always be tracking your content analytics and adjusting your campaigns accordingly. If your blog posts are garnering more attention than your white papers, and your LinkedIn seems to be much more popular than your Facebook or Twitter accounts, then you need to adjust your strategies in order to leverage these strengths. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should completely abandon the other avenues, it just means you should allocate your time and resources appropriately for the best results.

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