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Quality Beats Quantity in Content Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, content rules all. It’s the way it’s always been and it seems to be the way it will continue to be – at least for the foreseeable future. The harsh truth is that far too many B2B marketing firms don’t have the resources or the manpower to truly devote…

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Sales Analytics

Like every coin, there are two sides to B2B marketing. One of those sides is the actual marketing itself, whether it’s content marketing, email marketing, print advertising, social media or any of the other popular channels through which companies can reach their targeted audience. The other side is more like the dark side of the…

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Marketing Needs: Interpreting Email Data and Using It in Your Favor

We’ve become a data-driven culture, and for good reason: data is hard to argue against – it provides us with a concrete foundation to build upon, while simultaneously providing us with a solid blueprint to follow when developing our plans or determining which direction to go. Inevitably, one major problem has begun to arise in…

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Campaign Optimization

The secret to a successful marketing campaign is being able to actively monitor your progress to see which strategies are working for you and which aren’t, so you can adjust your campaign accordingly and effectively maximize your potential ROI. Building a long-term marketing strategy isn’t just about throwing things at the wall and seeing what…

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What Your Business Needs: Rich Media

Video Delivering engaging content that connects with your audience in an authentic, personal way is one of the most important objectives of any brand when it comes to marketing. In the age of the Internet and digital marketing, rich media (also known as multimedia) has taken the reigns when it comes to being the perfect…

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