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Social Media Reach: How Fans and Followers Increase Your Lead Generation

These days, being “followed” is more often than not a cause for celebration than a reason to contact the authorities. This is especially true in the business environment: studies prove that the number of fans or followers your company has on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter has direct correlations to increasing website…

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Landing More Leads by Leveraging Better Website Content

With the English language, context is everything. For example, although fishermen worry about landing “the big one,” the primary goal of landing pages is to “land leads” for your company. In fact, online marketing experts often refer to website landing pages as “lead capture pages” or “landers.” And, done right, your landing pages could indeed land…

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3 B2B Tips for Generating Leads with Website Content

The amount of valuable website content you have really does matter. The overall page count of a company’s website is a critical factor in its ability to attract new visitors and generate qualified leads for your business. According to a recent survey conducted by our partner HubSpot, there are direct correlations between the amount of…

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