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Off Target: Why B2B marketers struggle tailoring their marketing to their markets – and how to fix it.

As markets continue becoming more segmented, these strategies can help B2B marketers who are having trouble targeting their marketing.

Unlike their consumer counterparts, B2B marketers are struggling to embrace the targeting of their messages to individual verticals. According to new research by Demandbase and Ziff-Davis, half of the marketing executives who took part in the study admitted they have only a basic understanding of how to target their markets.

Direct Marketing News reports that, “Experts interviewed say the study shines a spotlight on a long-overdue need for cultural change in B2B marketing organizations.” Below are some of the strategies we use to help our clients focus their message on individual audiences.

B2B Digital Marketing: Diverse Channels, Valuable Content

With today’s tightened marketing budgets and growing emphasis on quantifiable results, companies are increasingly looking for marketing strategies that deliver measureable ROI. Direct Marketing News reports, “Marketers are asking agencies to create marketing platforms that address strategic goals, rather than simply designing

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