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10 Tips For Better Writing From David Ogilvy

David Ogilvy is one of the most sourced and respected advertisers the industry has ever seen. This classic ad man or “mad man” set the stage and the standards for the advertising world, and his ideas are still relevant today. “Good writing is not a natural gift. You have to learn to write well” Here are David…

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The 3.5 Building Blocks Of An Irreplaceable Brand

You don’t need much to build a brand… Building a brand that matters is something entirely different. Just making a product and putting it out there isn’t nearly enough. Great brands are irreplaceable to the customer and it takes several things to make that happen. 1. A Good Name Your name can make or break…

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All The Right Colors

Whether you are working on your brand identity or your next ad, you always have to consider color. The human brain interprets the color a long time before your readers will get around to processing the individual images or the words on the ad. Different colors inspire different psychological responses, and you don’t want your…

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Trends and Hot Spots

Adweek does a great job of summarizing the biggest trends and highlights from their upcoming magazine. Recent trends include TV events exploding into the social world, brands’ interest in Pinterest, and some research results that might help give you ideas on how to theme your spots. What trends do you think are picking up speed this quarter?…

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Youtube Tips For Any Business

You can’t ignore it any longer… yes we’re talking about Youtube! That’s right it’s the dreaded confrontation between you and video content. EVERYONE is using Youtube and yes that means your customers. If you’re like any other business out there, you can’t afford to miss out on any opportunities. That’s why we put together this…

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