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The Importance Of Finding The Right Font

Some people put little thought into the font they choose to represent their brand. Those people are off to a bad start. Every aspect of brand matters from the shape of the letters to the colors you use and every other little detail in between. Some people find it hard to believe that little changes…

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The Dawn Of The Relationship Era

It’s time to acknowledge that we can no longer afford to put all of our efforts solely into the product and positioning. We have to invest our resources into what our customers are really looking for… a relationship.  A recent article from Ad Age says goodbye to traditional marketing as we know it. “This is about turning…

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Psychology In Advertising

This video is modeled after an old TV commercial but it has a lot of great content. Truth being there is a lot of psychology behind advertising, especially successful advertising.   One important thing is to know that just because YOU think the ad is a great representation of your product, doesn’t mean the ad…

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Social Media Predictions From The Social Media Gurus

Social media has done nothing short of explode in the last year or two and by the looks of things it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. We found a great article on Entrepreneur with predictions from some of social media’s biggest names. A few of which we thought we should share to help give…

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