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Bigger and Better Advertising: Twitter in 2012

Twitter introduced ads into their network earlier this year and successfully launched them with little to no hesitation. Since the users don’t seem to mind… Twitter has plans for bigger and better ads in 2012. The research reckons that Twitter will post $259.9 million in revenues in 2012, an 86.3% jump from 2011.  Though it has a…

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A Visual History Of Advertising (Infographic)

Advertising has come a long way, all the way from stone carving to The Old Spice Man. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about everything that happened in between. Luckily Infolinks took the the time to put it all together in a nice visual format. What do you think hasn’t change in advertising? Share in the…

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The Best Commercial of 2011

Adweek just released their list of the top commercials of 2011. These ads are broken down and evaluated by everything from the actual copy to the visualization. They call it, “This year’s most impeccable craft and story telling in advertising.” We chose to highlight their choice for number one in this post but you can…

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3 Ways To Tune Up Your Social Media For The Holidays

Your social media is your most direct connection to your friends, fans, and customers. So, how are you planning to handle the holiday season? Doing too much or too little can disenchant your fans, especially over the holidays. That’s why we put a few important tips together just for you! 1. Be Human – Social…

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