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Great Viral Marketing Campaign

Since it’s Friday, we thought we would share a fun YouTube video. Yesterday, created a list of 7 Great Viral Marketing Campaigns, so we picked our favorite campaign out of the bunch.  Here is a commercial from Orabrush’s campaign that went viral: httpv:// With all of the recent NFL trades, would you take the…

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Designing the Perfect Landing Page [INFOGRAPHIC]

When a new user visits your website, you have approximately nine seconds to hold their attention.  This is why the design of your landing page is so important.  We found a great infographic that shows some valuable information to keep in mind when designing a landing page: Do you think these are valuable tips to…

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This Summer’s Must-Read Marketing Books

Summer is always a great time to catch up on some much-needed reading.  We found a list that Ad Age put together from some top business executives’ must-read marketing books. Click each book to find out more information about it: Widgets Let us know what you think about these books on Facebook and Twitter.…

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A Different Kind of Branding

Sometimes people don’t understand why branding is so important.  To help explain the importance of branding we found a video of cattle branding.  This video shows how consumers learn to trust a brand so they are assured quality: httpv:// We hope you found some valuable information from our last few posts about branding.  Have a…

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What Makes People Follow A Brand [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you follow your favorite brands on social media sites?  It is extremely important for a brand to have a positive online presence to connect with their consumers.  The following infographic has some interesting facts, and proves the importance of having an online presence: Did you find any of these statistics to be shocking?  For…

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