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The History Of Advertising… On Facebook (Infographic)

This is obviously a very brief history compared to advertising as a whole but it is still interesting to see how it has changed.  Now Facebook may arguably be the most targeted advertising tool available. Timmons&Company is a well-trained, fast-moving, strategically-oriented group of creative marketing professionals. We quickly assess our clients’ marketing objectives, create a…

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5 Reasons Why Thinking Creatively Is Still Important

There has been a lack of emphasis on the actual creativity behind the idea and a little too much on the visual presentation.  Here are ten reasons why thinking creatively is just as important. 1. So many ideas have already been used.  People see something they like and then they are not impressed by it…

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Take Your Brand Off of Repeat

Branding is about consistency and most people/brands have that down, a little too well.  What most brands are doing wrong is repeating the same message everywhere they go.  (This applies to actual location as well as different forms of media.)  Think about it as being the friend who tells the same joke every time you…

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Why vs. What

A big part of success is asking the right questions.  This applies to success in marketing, leadership, or in life.  So a good question to ask is, “Am I asking the right question?”.  Think about this with every decision you make.  We found a great video that suggests you take a different approach to leadership,…

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Wimbledon or Bravia?

The Wimbledon’s marketing team made an attempt to play off of the classic Bravia comercial, that used over 250,000 real balls to create a visual masterpiece, but they failed.  Compare these two commercials and you will be able to tell how much thought and creativity went in to each one. httpv:// httpv:// Timmons&Company is a…

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