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We’re Lovin It!

DDB Stockholm brings Pong-like fun into its latest interactive outdoor effort for McDonald’s, Pick N’ Play. Combining interactive, outdoor, and mobile media to create a truly innovative campaign.  The general public can take their chances at playing for some of their favorite McDonalds treats.  The best part is they don’t even have to download an app!…

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Best Slogans Ever

Despite what you see on Mad Men, it takes a lot of creativity, thought, and work to come up with a slogan that can stick and stick with your company or brand.  Many have tried and few have succeeded so we dedicated this post to some of the best slogans out there. No. 1: There…

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Those Sneaky Muppets

Those lovable and wacky Muppets are at it again tricking all of the fans as a way to build buzz for their upcoming movie.  Disney employed some sneaky tactics and big name stars, Amy Adams and Jason Segel, to promote the upcoming film The Muppets, set for release on November 23. Disney created a fake…

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People People People!

The foundation of a good marketing strategy revolves around the people you are marketing to.  It is easy to get tunnel vision when it comes to the message or the creative aspects of your campaign.  What you really need to be focussing on is the people who need or want your product or service. Who…

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3 Tests for Your Creative Communications

Would your creative pass Caples’ scientific standards? John Caples was one the greatest copywriters of all time. He wrote copy that delivered high response rates by studying why successful ads worked and unsuccessful ads failed. His scientific approach and methodical testing of creative revolutionized the advertising world and is still used as a standard today.…

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