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Who Is Your Brand?

This is not the answer to a Jeopardy question.  This is a technique that can be very useful to a company at any stage in the business lifecycle.  Think of your brand as a person, because that might be how your customers and fans see it. Your brand should be… Reliable – Your customers have…

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How Do You Create Demand For Your Content?

The content you publish online has never had more potential to help or hurt your company.  You are either teaching your fans and followers that you are valuable to them, or you are teaching them to ignore you.  Here are a few tips to make sure that your content is in high demand. Listen To…

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The Holy Grail Or The Poison Apple?

We are talking about IDEAS!  Everyone is looking for the next big idea for a product that no one can live without.  The next big marketing idea that makes everyone’s jaws drop in awe.  All the while, everyone is wary and suspicious of the next big idea that could fall flat on its face and…

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Specialize to Capitalize

Focus your target market to expand your market share. Sometimes the best way to maximize marketing ROI is to focus your efforts on a smaller, exclusive market segment (called a niche) that can benefit greatly from your offerings. We recently took this approach to help our client, VWR International, LLC expand their business into a…

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An Incredible Project

This is the most creative performance of Bach’s Cantata 147, aka “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desire, ” we have ever seen.  Japanese agency Drill Inc. created this xylophone for real, which probably took more thought and work that 90% of ads out there.  This was put together to promote their new wood encased phone, set…

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