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They Call Them Classic For A Reason

Classic jokes never really get old and on occasion they reenter the world as popular campaigns.  It is an idea that has been used countless times but always seems to work.  Use a phrase or idea that everyone has heard but no one uses to launch a campaign.  Not every ideas has to be an…

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Social Media Makes Sense

A recent study by IBM shows that customers aren’t interacting with brands on social media because of the emotional attachment to the brand, but because of the possible incentives that go with it.

Facebook Is Testing Real Time Ads

This month Facebook quietly started testing its own version of intent-based advertising, delivering real-time ads based on user wall posts and status updates.  If you post something about wanting to go see a movie, you may see an ad or a coupon for your local theatre or rental store. The test, first reported by Ad…

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Google’s Lessons In Branding

Google has done such a good job at branding themselves, so well they have actually turned their brand in to a verb.  We picked out three big things that stood out in our minds anyone can learn from. Variation vs Change Google was recognized early on for the variations of its logo.  While the appearance…

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A Genuinely Refreshing Idea

Sprite’s “SparkParks” is a great campaign thats goal is to revitalize and physically refurbish basketball parks in communities across the US.  This is a great grassroots outreach on Sprite’s behalf, and they displayed a great use of social media. You can actually go on to the Spark Parks Facebook page and nominate a local park…

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