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Google Offers Youtube 101

Despite the massive user base of Facebook, Google retains the throne to the online advertising industry. A huge part of their success can be credited to their two-thirds search share, but there’s no doubt that other Google properties such as Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, etc. — are making a valuable contribution as well. Google is encouraging…

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Should You Look First Or Jump In?

By now everyone has noticed what a powerful marketing tool Social Media has become.  The question is, should you look before you leap or should you jump right in? There are many questions that need answers:  “Should we develop a strategy first before diving in?”,  ”Should we play around then develop a strategy as we…

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

We found a video that does a good job of summarizing affiliate marketing.  This term is thrown around a lot but it is clear that not everyone has a solid idea or definition behind it.  This is a growing marketing strategy that should be considered for online promotions. httpv://

Youtube, The First Step

Verizon Wireless is the world’s No. 2 advertiser and they started their Iphone marketing campaign on Youtube.  Making Youtube the first step for this campaign really shows how powerful it has become.  With great content and entertaining material there is no limit to the potential reach of a good video. httpv://

How To Identify A Brand-Building Idea

We found a great article that focusses on the insight behind a brand.  I would explain the insight in branding as the reasoning behind a message.  Many great products and campaigns are powered by very simple insights.  For the full article Click Here. Marketers are trained to believe insights are the foundations of brand strategy…

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