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Adieu 2010…Hail 2011!!!

Come new year, every business house sits to plan out their work plan for the entire year. As most of us will be following the same, it is imperative that we learn from the mistakes and findings of 2010 and schedule our business plan accordingly. Here are the most important lessons of the year with…

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How To Create The Ideal Opt-in List?

A lot has been discussed and shared about different marketing strategies, advertising skills and branding techniques. You might have gone through scores of articles and theories and applied them to your website and product marketing, but still you are not happy because the numbers are not so encouraging. In fact, you come to realize after…

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Benefits Of Online Marketing

As 2010 comes to a close, every section in the market has accepted the growing popularity of online marketing. In hindsight, let us take a quick review of the different benefits that online marketing offers. The most important benefit of online marketing is that you can edit or make changes in your website or advertisement…

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Marketing Mix: A Brief Idea

Often termed as the most famous marketing term, Marketing Mix is the term coined to depict the four compulsory elements that form a part of marketing strategy. The elements of a marketing mix are the basic components of a marketing plan.  Mainly the four P’s that together comprise the Marketing Mix, are Price, Place, Product…

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Rich Timmons’ Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, Hi Santa, it’s me Rich from Timmons&Company in Doylestown Pa. You know the guys on RT202… not Buckingham Pike, 202 just in case, there is any confusion. You know the place in Buckingham with all those crazy characters, Rick the fish guy, Happy Jack, Squishy, and those people who stop in with stolen…

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