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Tips for a Good Advertisement Campaign

Successful advetisement campaign The primary goal of advertisements is to reach out to a huge audience in a cost-effective and timely manner. Here are a few tips that will help you to boost your advertising campaign: Focus on your target audience – An advertising campaign should focus on a niche market rather than putting across…

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Issues That Spook Your Customers

If you want your customers to be loyal to your company, then you must avoid the issues that may alienate your customers. Here they are – The Classic Zombie Response Know that the issues your customers face are unique and so the problems do not need straight-jacketed response. Dealing with the problems individually by giving…

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The Fundamentals of Marketing

Here is a neat video of the fundamentals of marketing. Happy viewing! [youtube style=”text-align:center”]4H678nYI-jQ[/youtube] For any further assistance with your brand’s marketing strategy, feel free to give a call to Timmons and Company, today!

The Future of Branding

Branding has changed dramatically over the due course of time. With everyone now in to some form of social media platform, brands need to adapt with the new media. For a brand to survive this new-media, it needs to adopt the right strategy. The following are the key points which one needs to keep in…

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Creative Ads That Really Stood Out: VIDEO

Check out these advertisements and marvel their creativity. Happy viewing! [youtube style=”text-align:center”]QvJoc8oEays[/youtube] If you are striving for nothing but the best for your marketing campaign, then get in touch with Timmons and Company and make your brand big.

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