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The Marketing Trifecta

With the explosive growth of mobile usage over the past few years, the conventional advertising formula has changed. Mobile marketing has gained immense significance. Advertisements can now reach an incredibly huge audience with current reports showing 285 active mobile devices in the U.S. alone. Social media is the buzzword of the day. Social media marketing…

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Are Your Communications Speaking to Your Clients?

VWR Updates Catalog to Better Benefit Customers As a global laboratory supply and distribution company with worldwide sales in excess of $3.5 billion, VWR excels at providing their customers with easy ways to get the tools and supplies they need to properly equip their laboratories. For 8 years, VWR has been issuing their Lab-Set Up…

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Social Networking Atlas 2010

How about making a topographical representation of your favorite social networking sites? How would Facebook, Digg, MySpace look like as land masses and water bodies? Here is a cool representation of the popular social networking sites according to their user base. See Source

Mathematics and Social Media Influence

Social Media Influence Social Media Influence is a much hyped about topic in current times. What do you understand by ‘influence’ and what are the metrics for its measurement? A common notion suggests that if you have a large number of followers (people following your blog, tweets or updates), you are influential. In reality, influence…

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Mobile Marketing and QR Codes

QR Code According to recent reports, over 90 percent of the U.S. population owns a mobile phone.  The ubiquitous Smartphone is a boon for mobile marketers for online promotion of products/brands. QR Codes help marketers to utilize this opportunity by allowing customers to easily engage with your organization using their phones. QR codes have emerged…

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