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Marketing! That’s How They Did It!

Have you ever wondered when was the first time the concept of ‘marketing’ came into being?  Evidences suggest marketing was dominant back in the 10,000 B.C., during Stone Age. Do you need evidence? Then think of the cave paintings by primitive man. They ‘marketed’ their hunting skill through their paintings. The Guttenberg Press brought about…

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Social Media And Social Proof – The Psychology!

subscribe The use of social media can influence visitors to come back to your website often, read the content and become a subscriber. They might even talk about your website in their networks! Social media can be influential in many ways. Influencing new visitors of your website by using information is termed as social proof.…

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How To Make Your Vision Work For You

vision Most company websites have their vision and mission mentioned boldly on the home page! However, in reality do you work towards your pre-defined vision as a business owner? Can you even recollect when was the last time you read the statement and really took it to your heart? Once you lose track of your…

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Top media and marketing books!

books Books can be very influential when it comes to learning good marketing and advertising techniques. Your reading habit can take you a long way if you are in marketing profession. Here is a list of some must-read books authored by veterans in this profession: Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy The 22 Immutable Laws…

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Learn to Create and Deploy Your Own QR Codes

QR Code The black and white maze-like boxes on business cards and promotional are nothing but scannable information barcodes. Basically, you focus your camera at the image and get a message, website, or content streamed directly to your computer or PDA. Here are a few steps on how to create and deploy your own scannable…

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