13 Legendary Thoughts On Advertising

Advertising has been defined and redefined over the years. But, instead of trying to narrow down to a single definition or idea, we decided to share some of our favorites.

Below are 13 great thoughts, ideas, and definitions of advertising from some of the people who helped define the industry.

“A good basic selling idea, involvement and relevancy, of course, are as important as ever, but in the advertising din of today, unless you make yourself noticed and believed, you ain’t got nothin’.”
Leo Burnett

“Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.”
David Ogilvy

“Advertising doesn’t create a product advantage. It can only convey it.”
William Bernbach

“Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.”
William Bernbach

“Advertising is only evil when it advertises evil things.”
David Ogilvy

“Advertising is the ‘wonder’ in Wonder Bread.”
Jef I. Richards

“Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret… to put the very heart throbs of a business into type, paper and ink.”
Leo Burnett

“Advertising is the art of the tiny. You have to tell a complete a story and deliver a complete message in a very encapsulated form. It disciplines you to cut away extraneous information.”
Dick Wolf

“Advertising is the edge of what people know how to do and of human experience and it explains the latest ways progress has changed us to ourselves.”
Jaron Lanier

“Advertising ought to work by telling you what it is you want to tell, you should understand what you want us to do, what you want us to think, where you want us to shop.”
Jay Chiat

“Contrary to popular belief, Americans don’t hate advertising.”
Roy H. Williams

“Creativity is an advertising agency’s most valuable asset, because it is the rarest.”  Jef I. Richards

I didn’t think that a career in theater was very realistic so I thought the only thing I could make money doing and still be somewhat artistic was, god help me, advertising.
Liev Schreiber

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